Management Plan for the National Park


The role of the protected areas (PA) has reached the understanding of more and more segments of society around the world, which in turn has increased the responsibility of those who manage them. A major challenge, therefore, is to make the PAs reach the goals for which they were created and must abide. It is in this context and in the context of this administration that planning becomes a relevant issue, as in the case of the management plan (MP), which must precede any intervention in a specially protected natural area.

According to Milano (1997), planning in the case of PAs is much more than the organization of activities. It is the study of management of alternatives applicable to a situation where many of the goods have no market value. This includes the cultural and social values that are difficult to quantify. The author reminds us that planning is a process, and the goals are the “clear intention to obtain the expected, while the management plan contains the rules of how to do it, i.e. guidance and techniques used for this purpose.”

Especially in the case of the PAs, the MP should be planning tools that help those who can understand the alternatives. They help them choose priorities, guiding them in a specific manner; always bearing in mind the intended goals (Milano, 1997). It goes beyond the role of the administrator, since the PAs have national preservation objectives that justify their existence as public heritage. 

The MP for the PAs began in Brazil in 1976, with the former Brazilian Institute for Forestry Development (IBDF), now known as the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Renewable Resources  (IBAMA). As drafted in the legislation in effect  (Decreto N° .84.017, dated 09/21/1979), the MP is a basic tool to provide guidelines for the conservation of natural resources contained in the PAs. It should, as a planning tool, incorporate new information that is being created and new technical and scientific ways to improve the management of a PA. In order to better serve such prerogative, the process of preparing the MP has had great improvements under the IBAMA scope.

That is how the MP reviews the Iguassu National Park (PNI), to reach expectation and improve its management in order to reach its goals The issues portrayed both in the generation of knowledge for mankind and diversification of activities offered to the visitors, the ability to promote and include the integration with the municipality and the surrounding populations. The characteristics concerning its role, the opportunities the PNI offers and the goods generated thereafter, must overcome the institutional role, which is only a means of operation and perpetuity.

It is expected, therefore, that the current MP to collaborate in further improvements needed by the PNI. They should to play the same role as an inspiration source and reference for the steps and plans that its administration may conceive for the existence of the PAs and to bring society to understand their role and responsibility in this process. 

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