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Events in Porto Canoas Area


The Porto Canoas Restaurant, which has one of the most fantastic views in the plant, innovates in serving groups and events. Located a few meters from the top of the Iguassu Falls and within the Iguassu National Park, the property features new services that allow even more charm and exclusivity for leisure and business.

Porto Canoas has sophisticated options for your event. These include: cocktail at the top of the lookout in the Naipi area, only a few meters from the waterfalls; cocktail on the deck overlooking the Iguassu River and the formation of the Devil’s Throat; and dinner or cocktail at the Porto Canoas Restaurant.

The Porto Canoas Area is an excellent alternative for contemplation and high-class cuisine, with a window overlooking the Iguassu Falls and the setting of the sun. For this experience, you can choose Brazilian and International hot dishes, drinks desserts and the best cocktails. The atmosphere is cozy and fully integrated into the Iguassu National Park. 

Reservations – See the terms, rates and booking space. Ensure the success of your event and the satisfaction of your guests. The service is suitable for ceremonies, exhibitions, releases, openings and closing of conferences, performances, and other business, cultural and social activities.

The structure of Porto Canoas can tend a minimum of 70 people. The complex also houses gift shops, snack bar and the final station of the transport in the Iguassu National Park. This scenery is unique in history!

Porto Canoas Restaurant

Phone: 55 (45) 3521 4443

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