Itaipu Binacional

The largest generator of renewable clean energy in the planet will also impress you.

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Be amazed by the site of a work of two people .


It is located on the Parana River, at the Brazilian border with Paraguay. It was built by both countries between 1975 and 1982. Its name in the Guarani language means “stone that sings”. It refers to a small island that stood there before the construction works. The plant is 12 km from the Foz do Iguassu downtown, 38 km from the waterfalls and 6 km from the Friendship Bridge.

In Itaipu there are various tours to delight the tourists.

Panoramic View – It allows a great view of the plant from the central viewpoint, from where the dam and spillway can be observed. The visits are performed on Itaipu buses (for private visitors) or tour buses for those on tours. A documentary about the Itaipu is shown before your departure. It lasts for about one hour and 30 minutes. It is available at both sides of the banks. On the Brazilian side, the visitor also has the option of the Combined Power Plant Eco-Museum Tour, which includes a stop at the Eco-museum after the power plant tour or yet the Combined Power Plant-Bela Vista Refuge, which provides a two-mile hiking in an ecological trail starting from the Bela Vista Refuge.

Special Tour – It allows the visitor to enter the dam. It offers services such as bilingual guides, the use of special room for the display of a film about Itaipu and a special bus with water on board and roadmaps. It last for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.  The route has seven stages (all of which permit photograph and filming). The minimum age required is 14 years. It is advisable to make prior reservation and consult the rules of the site visitation to the industrial area.

Institutional Visit – This visit is restricted to companies, institutions, research centers, universities and schools. The tours are held Monday through Friday (except on holidays). It must be scheduled in advance and confirmation is subject to the Itaipu’s agenda.

Information and Reservations

0800 645 46 45

Service: Daily from 8:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

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