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The mission of the Chico Mendes Institute is to protect the Brazilian natural heritage and promote the environmental development.


The mission of the Chico Mendes Institute is to protect the natural heritage and promote the Brazilian environmental development. 

The Institute 

The Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation is an autarchy under a special scheme. It was created in August 28, 2007, by the law 11.516, or ICMBio. It is linked to the Ministry of Environment and member of the National Environmental System (Sisnama).

The Institute is in charge of performing the action of the National System of Protected Area. It can propose, implement, manage, protect, enforce and monitor the conservation of established protected areas.

It also encourages and executes programs involving, research, protection, preservation and conservation of biodiversity and exercises the power of environmental police for the protection of Federal Conservation Areas.

In the Iguassu National Park, the Institute is also responsible for the overseeing of outsourced services, visits, lodging and tours. Thus, within this context, it develops actions that comprise the park and surrounding communities through partnerships with schools, businesses, universities and institutions, in order to educate and make citizens more aware of others and the importance of nature.

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EQSW 103/104, Bloco “C”, Complexo Administrativo, Setor Sudoeste

CEP 70.670-350 Brasilia – DF                       61 3341-9101



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