Shopping in Paraguay

Foz do Iguassu and Ciudad Del Este is connected by the famous International Friendship Bridge and is an invitation to take advantage of bargains.

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The Friendship Bridge was built during the 50s and 60s. It connects Foz do Iguassu in Brazil to Cuidad Del Este in Paraguay over the Parana River.


To visit the city of Foz do Iguassu and not cross over to Paraguay is to risk losing the chance to buy all kinds of electronic products, clothes, toys, food and drinks, for prices far below what we have in other Brazilian cities. It also means missing out on new releases that usually arrive there first.   

The famous Ciudad Del Este may be considered an essential commercial city, having hundreds of physical and virtual stores that sell products from Asia, America and even Europe.

Each tourist can buy up US$300 worth of tax free products within a 30 day period. If the purchase should exceed this value, the tax is calculated at 50% of the exceeded value.

A visit to Paraguay requires some caution regarding safety. It is best to go accompanied by a tour guide. Purchases should be made preferably in known stores or recommended by someone who knows the region.

Purchased products should be treated carefully when transported. It is best to pay in cash during the purchase, since only a few stores accept credit card. It is also advisable to use the exchange rate on the Brazilian side.

The Iguassu Falls and Ciudad Del Este are joined by the famous International Friendship Bridge. It is an invitation to enjoy good shopping, a brisk walk. The medley of voices, different manner, the people, the food and the products.

With much care and attention, it is worth to visit our friend and neighbor country. 

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