Porto Canoas Restaurant

Have lunch in a unique environment within the Iguassu National Park, overlooking the waterfalls.

Besides serving delicious dishes, the Porto Canoas Restaurant also offers a fantastic view of the waterfalls. 


Before and after the walk through the trails of the Iguassu Falls, having lunch at the Iguassu National Park and enjoying the sight of the Iguassu River is surely an excellent option.

Porto Canoas has sophisticated options for your event. These include: cocktail at the top of the lookout in the Naipi area, only a few meters from the waterfalls; cocktail on the deck overlooking the Iguassu River and the Devil’s Throat formation; and dinner or cocktail at the Porto Canoas Restaurant.

The attraction is the deck overlooking the River Iguassu close to the Devil’s Throat, the most impressive of the waterfalls that form the Iguassu Falls. It offers typical Brazilian cuisine and a cozy atmosphere, with integrated architecture.

The mouth-watering menu has 17 kinds of salads, 10 hot dishes, three different types of meals and desserts fill your eyes and please the most demanding palates. Among the delights is the Grilled Dourado, a dish considered the most typical of the region. On Saturdays, in addition to the daily menu, the restaurant serves the typical Brazilian feijoada. 




Service: daily from 12:00 to 16:00
Capacity: 420 people
Address: BR 469, km 30 – Iguassu National Park - Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná
Phone: 55 (45) 3521 4446


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