Tarobá Area

It is a structure that provides comfort to visitors on the trails of the Iguassu Falls


A place to recharge and enjoy the scenery within the National Park


Located on the route of the waterfall trail, it is an ideal rest stop to restore energy spent along the way. The structure has a viewpoint, which gives a privilege view of the waterfalls and the course of the Iguassu River.

To avoid the risk of losing “that picture”, at the local kiosk the visitor can buy batteries, raincoats, postcards, CDs with beautiful images and moments of the falls. You can also take the opportunity to have a snack and hydrate.

The area offers  a restroom and has a special structure for handicaps, with embarking and disembarking points, access ramp to the two floors and toilets. 

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Centro de visitantesTransporte. Foto: Alysson Borges.Trilhas. Foto: Alysson Borgeslojas Foto: Alysson Borges.deck porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.Restaurante porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.