Information of the Iguassu National Park

Clarify your doubts before visiting the Iguassu National Park


Visits occur daily (including Sundays and holidays) from 09:00 to 17:00.

Private vehicles are not allowed in the Park: the visitor must leave his vehicle in a safe place in the parking lot of the Park and use the shuttle service provided within the preservation area. The transportation is given on panoramic buses, which allow the visitor to enjoy every moment of the ride. The cost of the shuttle service is already included in the ticket price. 

The official parking lot is safe and provides excellent comfort. The parking fee is R$19.00 per vehicle (cars and motorcycles). The payment of the fee is done only once between the hours of 08:30 and 17:00. 

Important: The parking fee must be paid at the park’s entrance, when purchasing the ticket at the Box Office of the Visitor Center. 

Ticket Purchase

The payment is made at the box office, in cash or debit/credit. You can also buy tickets online, click here.

Check the  princing table .


Organize your trip, read about tour options

There is a tourist information desk available at the Visitor Center where you can get information about tours and buy your tickets in advance.

We Recommend

• Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated;

• Always wear sunscreen;

• To avoid insect bites, constantly apply repellents;

• Use a raincoat. There is a constant light drizzle near the waterfalls;

• Wear clothes and shoes suitable for walking;

• All these articles are available at the Park’s gift shop.

Respect the Park Rules

• Stay on pre-established trails, do not use shortcuts;

• Throw garbage in appropriate places or find a way to repackage it and bring it back. 

• Do not feed the animals. Observe them from a distance.

• Walk in silence to preserve the sensation of tranquility and harmony that nature has to offer; 

• Animals, plants, rocks, fruits and seeds found at the site are part of the environment and should remain there.

• Only take pictures; leave faint footprints and take home images in your memory.

• Beware of raccoons when consuming food. Although they are accustomed to human presence, they can attack in search for food. These animals can transmit rabies and deadly infectious disease to humans. Diseases can be transmitted through biting, scratching or licking from an animal infected with the virus.

Visit the Iguassu National Park in Argentina

To appreciate the Iguassu Falls in all its magnitude, visit the Iguassu National Park in Argentina. The tour is different and complementary. It is worth it!

The tickets to the Iguassu National Park can only be paid in Argentine pesos. To cross the border, it is mandatory to have these documents: identification card, driver’s license or passport. 

For information about tourism at Foz do Iguassu call: 0800 45 15 16

We await your visit!

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