Responsible Tourism

Our main commitment is to promote tourism destined to Iguassu

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Investments provide the best experience to tourists at the Iguassu Falls. 

Promoting the Iguassu Falls is our main objective. This commitment is renewed every day, so we can perform all activities with excellence. We aim to increase the number of visitors and their stay in the Park. This goal has been reached through hard work and dedication from our team.

The direct dialogue with states and countries strengths the relationship of our postcard. One of the concessionaire’s main strategies is to attract business meetings. Another great move that has been working quite well is the close contact with tourist agencies and tour guides. In addition to these actions, we encourage visits from opinion makers, in other words, professionals, public figures, travel agents and other professionals involved in the movies and television industry, among others.

The company supports the implementation of tourism events. This policy seeks to support actions to attract tourists to the city of Foz do Iguassu and consequently the Iguassu National Park. A good example of this is the Half Marathon of the Iguassu Falls.

In addition to these actions, the service quality has boosted tourism in the preservation area. Since 2000, where we started our work, about one million tourists have visited the park every year – a much higher average than the ones recorded during the 80’s and 90’s decades.

In 2010, the Iguassu National Park broke the visitation record, with 1.2 million tourists. This number is the highest since 1980, when the preservation area began to record the number of tourist visitors.

Special Operations – This steady advance reveals the efficiency of the concessionaire to serve a large public. During holidays with intense affluency, special operations are organized in partnership with the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) to provide good service to the tourists. 

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