Trails of the Iguassu National Park

The trails offer panoramic view of the falls that make up the Iguassu Falls

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Tourists on the trails that lead up to the Naipi and Taroba viewpoint at the banks of the waterfalls


The tour of the track allows a panoramic view from different angles of the waterfalls that make up the Iguassu Falls. On the way, there are viewpoints that provide a closer look at the falls. The track is 1,200 meters long and because of the stairs, walking is considered of moderate difficulty.

On the way, you can see some of park’s fauna and flora. At the end of the trail, visitors will find access to the Devil’s Throat walkway. Approximately 80 meters high, it considered the most beautiful of the waterfall.

The park administration is developing a project to revitalize the trails, which pretends to implement a new infrastructure to promote contemplation, safety and accessibility of the route.

We recommend

  • Drink plenty of water for hydration;
  • Always were sunscreen;
  • To avoid insect bites, constantly apply repellent;
  • Use a raincoat, since there is a constant light drizzle near the waterfall;
  • Use clothes and shoes suitable for walking;
  • All these articles are available at the park’s gift shop.

Organize your trip, read about tour options

The tourist information desk is found at the Visitors Center. You can learn about all tours and buy your tickets in advance.

Visit the Iguassu National Park in Argentina

To appreciate the Iguassu Falls in all its magnitude, visit the Iguassu National Park in Argentina. The tour is different and complementary. It is worth it. To cross the border, it is mandatory to have at hand one of  the following documents: identity card, driver’s license or passport.

Caution: comply with the park’s rules

  • Stay on pre-determined trails, do not use shortcuts.
  • Throw garbage in appropriate places or find a way to repackage and bring it back.
  • Do not feed the animals. Observe them from a distance.
  • Walk in silence to preserve the sense of harmony and tranquility that nature has to offer.
  • Animals, plants, rocks, fruits and seeds found at the site are part of the environment and should remain there.
  • Take pictures; leave faint footprints and take home images in your memory.
  • Beware of coatis (a South Américan raccoon-like mammal) when consuming food. Although they are accustomed to human presence, they can attack in search of food. These animals can transmit rabies to humans and deadly infectious diseases. The diseases can be transmitted through biting, scratching or licking of the infected with the virus. 

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