Black Well Trail

Beautiful native species of the Iguassu National Park can be seen throughout the trail

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The trail is ideal for those who like to stay in touch with nature. 


Relive the way the Indians of the region used to circumvent the Iguassu Falls. The Black Well trail can be defined today as an Ecological Safari. It is 9 km long, which can be done by walking, biking or electric car. The tour is given by bilingual guides who explain about the fauna and flora of the Iguassu National Park.

Everything starts with a 320 meters walkway in the heart of the National Park, followed by a single track, where the most beautiful native species in the Park can be observed.

A short trip through the forest of the Iguassu focuses on a suspension bridge that leads to a 500 meters rough track, passing through a 10 meter tall bunker, which gives a spectacular panoramic view of the forest from above.  The Alligator Pond (Lagoa do Jacaré) concentrates a large diversity of aquatic animals.

Now it is time to enjoy the Iguassu River, navigating in a motor boat at the top of river, passing through the Taquaras Archipelago. You can also ride in kayaks or snorkel to observe the aquatic vegetation.

Make sure you don’t miss anything; the return is made by the rapids, passing by the Parrots Isle (Ilha Papagaio), where the sun rises and sets with flock of thousands of parrots.

You can choose to land at Porto Bananeiras or Porto Canoas.

Tips – Use comfortable clothes; do not forget to bring water, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Duration – Depending on the weather conditions, the average trip is 4 hours long.


Macuco Ecoaventura

Service: Daily (including Sundays and holidays)

Hours:  9:30 am. 12:00 pm. and 2:00 pm.

Phone: 55 (45) 3529-9626



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