Banana Trail

Nature lovers will thrill at the sight of the fauna and flora from the Iguassu National Park

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The second section of the trail is done in kayaks through the Iguassu River, where it is possible to observe several species of native plants and animals. 


If you are one of those who love contact with nature, you cannot miss the tour through the Banana Trail. Be ready to forget the world and fall in love with the Iguassu National Park.

Whether for relaxation, inspiration or escaping the stress of work or studies, the tour of the Banana Trail is always motivating.

The Banana Trail consists of a 1.5 km trail, which can be done on foot or electric vehicle.

The tour also combines navigation on motor boats through the top of the Iguassu River, arriving at the Black Well dock, visiting a bunker 10 meters high, and observing the Alligator Pond, rich in aquatic and land fauna. Near the stop is the Taquaras Isle Archipelago.

On returning to the Banana Pier, you have the option of paddling inflatable kayaks (known as “ducks”), which provide a good opportunity to see several species of native plants and animals.

The tour takes place under the supervision of skilled and multilingual guides who narrate the details of natural life in the Iguassu National Park.

Tips: Wear comfortable clothes; don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Duration: 2:30 hrs.



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