Porto Canoas Area

A tourist complex inside the Iguassu National Park

A unique atmosphere inside the Iguassu National Park. The desk is practically “leaning” on the Iguassu River.


The Porto Canoas Area is the best option to rest, replenish your energies and enjoy the trip even more. The site features an integrated structure of the park, offering food court with fast food, cafeteria, restaurant with typical food, spaces for the cultural presentation, toilets and comfort station, clinic, ambulance, public telephones, internet, among other support services to the visitors. In this complex is the final station of the park’s internal transport.


After a fascinating tour, there is nothing like enjoying the best regional and international cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere and comfort. The Porto Canoas Restaurant features a buffet service with a variety of salads, hot dishes, desserts and best drinks, not to mention the unique view from the top of the Iguassu Falls.

Porto Canoas is also available for various types of events. It is a great choice for a dinner or cocktail at the top of the Naipi  Area viewpoint, only a few yards from the waterfalls overlooking the Iguassu River and the Devil’s Throat formation.

In addition to the restaurant, the complex offers other dining options. In the snack bar and cafeteria of the Porto Canoas Area, the visitor has a complete menu, which includes special snacks with the names of the mascots and typical Brazilian desserts, including confectionery products. 

Gift shop

Such a fantastic experience as the nature’s grandeur certainly deserves a keepsake.  At the gift shop of the Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A., you will find a wide range of themed products, such as photos, videos, shirts, toys, garments, crafts, accessories, stationery items, among others.

When purchasing an official product from the Iguassu National Park in our stores, you will help to preserve nature, as part of the proceeds are destined to protect and conserve the local biodiversity.

There are three gift stores, located at: the Visitors Center, the Naipi Area and Porto Canoas Area. If you prefer, you can buy products at the Iguassu Falls, S.A online store.


The visitor’s safety always comes first. This is why Porto Canoas also offers a clinic with care giving nurses and an ambulance, if the need should arise and given the seriousness of the situation, to transport the visitor to a hospital of his preference or to the closest one with the required structure. 


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