Macuco Safari at Iguassu Falls

One of the greatest adventures in the Iguassu National Park

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Special boats take visitors for an exciting adventure to at the Iguassu Falls. 


An adventure from the beginning of the tour, the Macuco Safari starts with a trail in the Atlantic Forest area, riding in an electric cart. This allows a complete view of the entire scenery.  During the journey through the jungle, the guides will explain about the fauna and flora of the Park.

The second part is a stretch of 600 meters for those with energy and disposition. The group takes a walk along the trails leading to the waterfall names Salto Macuco. On the way, one can see orchids, palm tree, ancient trees and wild animals that occasionally cross the trail, brightening the ride even further.

For the water adventures, the park offers inflatable boats. The boats are safe, efficient, and manufactured according to the specific needs of the route. The brave adventures are taken to feel the power beneath the Iguassu Falls, but not before receiving life-jackets and plastic packaging to protect electronic equipment.

Once ready, the boat goes up the river through the canyon facing the rapids, a speed that allows the appraisal of the landscape.

The “waterfall bath” is indescribable. Mist and water in abundance punctuate the spectacle that has its climax on the heels known as “The Three Musketeers”. The captain approaches the vessel to provide a quick and refreshing shower, where everyone comes out soaked. The feeling of being literally under one of the falls is incredible. It is like cleansing your soul and feeling completely refreshed.

Tip – Try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring water and if you do not wish to remain wet after the bath, bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.

Capacity of boats: 23 to 25 people



Service: daily (including Sundays and holidays)

Hours: 9:00 am. to 5:30 pm. - Departure every 15 minutes.

Phone: 55 (45) 3529 6262 / 3574-4244



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