Iguassu Falls Management, S.A.

We develop projects to enhance tourism according to the norm.

missão Cataratas SA

Investments in the infrastructure improve the tourist’s experience in the Iguassu Falls.

The Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A. encourages tourism in Iguassu National Park and helps preserve its natural beauty. It is a 100% Brazilian company with unique technology in the management of tourist services in national parks. It now has ten years of experience in proper environmental management. The concessionaire is a model for the country.

More than just welcoming visitors from around the world to see its beauty, the Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A. works with complete responsibility for the environment as well as its visitors. All of the company’s actions are based norms governing the Brazilian National Parks and Management Plan.

The space structures seek to give more comfort and satisfaction to the tourists. The renovations promoted in recent years have greatly improved the quality of the visit. All the spaces constructed by the concessionaire are accessible and suitable for the elderly and disabled.

Whether in service or structure, improvements and changes are constant. Much of these innovations are motivated by the visitors. The company provides suggestion boxes at various posts. The complaints and suggestions are discussed and passed on to managers who assess the need and feasibility for taking corrective actions or innovations.  

The concessionaire also maintains a policy of respecting and valuing employees through training activities, promotion of vocational skills, and concern for the safety of quality of life for employees and their families. This creates a great working environment, found in the efficiency of research activities and internal review.

In additional to generating employment and income, the company promotes the regional economy with the purchase of products, equipment and materials to maintain their structure. The Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A. gives priority to the hundreds of suppliers and service providers in the city and region when closing a deal.



Bruno Marques de Oliveira



Alberto Cattalini

David Soifer

Rosilene Bernardelli de Godoy Sciarra

Marcelo Leite Marder

Giuseppe Nappa

Roberto Antonio Trauczynski



Bruno Marques de Oliveira



Ricardo Beraldi Porto



José Roberto Scheller JR.




Adelio Demeterko



Fernando Coutinho



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Centro de visitantesTransporte. Foto: Alysson Borges.Trilhas. Foto: Alysson Borgeslojas Foto: Alysson Borges.deck porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.Restaurante porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.