Naipi Area

A place to contemplate the best angles of the Iguassu Falls


The observatory from Naipi Area is adjacent to the Floriano Fall, one of the most visited. 


It is undoubtedly one the best places to appreciate the magnitude of the falls. At this site, there is a viewpoint looking over the entire waterfall canyon. It is an amazing structure that houses three platforms contemplating and two panoramic elevators that lead up to the highest point, which has a broader view of several waterfalls, including Devil’s Throat.

The Naipi Area is located at the end of the waterfall trail, near the falls that form the Salto Floriano. A deck, which extends about five feet into the river, ensures beautiful images and greater proximity to the falls. In Naipi, visitors will also find access to the Devil’s Throat walkway, which leads to more of the most stunning falls, approximately 80 meters tall.

The site houses a gift shop and supporting infrastructure, such as bathrooms and a snack bar. The entire structure was adapted with ramps to facilitate the movement of people with special needs. The Naipi Area simply cannot be overlooked. It is considered the “high point” of the entire route. 

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