A company with unique technology on service management in the National Park

Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A.        100% Brazilian company, with unique technology in administration. 

The Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A. was established on January 18, 1999. Its goal was social construction, operation, administration, maintenance and economic exploitation of the areas granted by the IBAMA, in accordance with contract 01/98 and 02/98, where the company’s concession areas, including the Falls, cover approximately 3% of the park’s territory.

The concessionaire has its headquarters in the city of Foz do Iguassu and its social goals characterized it as a Special Purpose Entity (SPE).

The Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A. won the public competition opened by the IBAMA in 1998 to implement supporting infrastructure. Its aim was to provide more security and quality service to visitors while promoting environmental education at one of the largest protected areas of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil – the Iguassu National Park.

The grant consists in releasing the economic use of specific areas. These are: Visitor Center, Puerto Canoas and Tarobá Naipi. It also includes the implementation of the transport system within the park.

The constant investment in quality service for tourists combined with dissemination actions, have helped the park hit successive record years in visitation.

Ten years after the start of the operations in the Iguassu National Park, the company is considered a benchmark. Proof of this is that it was chosen by the federal government, in 2010, as a model of local management to be followed by other conservation areas of the Park Program in Brazil. This election is recognition of the work done by the concessionaire.

To be considered a national reference demonstrates that the company fulfills its mission: to establish and operate attractions, coupled with the natural beauty of the park, form a tourist complex able to recover and improve their attractiveness to visitors, providing better quality visits in the environmental aspect with comfort and security.

The concessionary performs activities of environmental awareness and integration with the community surrounding the park, keeping in mind the following objectives:

Develop projects of potential visits, within the rules governing the Brazilian National Parks and Management Plan for the Iguassu National Park.

Renew and expand the infrastructure of service for the visitors through private equity investments Improve the use of potential visits for the Iguassu National Park.

Promote the preservation and environmental education.

Conduct environmental training: lectures on the basics of preservation areas.

Adjust the position and behavior of employees and third parties within the conservation areas.

Treat waste water in sewage treatment plants (WWSTP).

Promote the separate collection of waste for recycling.

But the success in fulfilling its mission and goals goes beyond the numbers at the box office and federal recognition. The success can be seen daily in the relationship with the community and contact with tourists – who seem impressed with the space and service implemented by the concessionary, from the parking lot to the Porto Canoas Restaurant. 


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Centro de visitantesTransporte. Foto: Alysson Borges.Trilhas. Foto: Alysson Borgeslojas Foto: Alysson Borges.deck porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.Restaurante porto canoas. Foto: Alysson Borges.